Netflix Trailer for The Innocence Files, Upcoming Innocence Project-Inspired Series

innocence files promo

Attorney Joseph Owens, who has worked in partnership with the Innocence Project, writes about his excitement over the new Netflix series called "The Innocence Files".

" I worked for the Innocence Project in Baltimore. While we are struggling with being stuck in our houses because of a virus that we did not create; imagine for a second being stuck in a jail cell for a crime you did not commit. We ask ourselves constantly when will this end, but maybe we just need to look at how good we have it. I cherish my memories working with some of the greatest legal minds ever, Michelle Nethercott, Justin Esworthy, Tawanda Luckett. To be associated with Barry and Peter; what great memories. To stand outside of a Courtroom with an Innocent Man; that is a day I will never forget.

Can't wait to watch this...... Respectfully, Joe Owens "

The Innocence Files” will be available to stream on Netflix on April 15.