What Can You Do If You Disagree with a VA Decision?

If you do not agree with the decision made by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) regarding your initial claim, there are three new options (as of February 19, 2019) to have your disagreement reviewed. But first, you must consult your decision notice letter for the required forms and ways to submit your request for review. 

The following are the three options available in the updated decision review process for VA-decision disagreements: 

  1. File a Supplemental Claim – If you wish to add or identify new evidence that pertains to and supports your claim, VA will help you collect the evidence if you file a Supplemental Claim. A reviewer will examine the evidence and decide whether to change the decision.  

  1. Obtain a Higher-Level Review – You may also have a senior reviewer take another look at the same evidence in your file and decide if the decision should change if there is a difference of opinion or the VA committed an error. 

  1. Appeal to the Board – If you file an appeal directly to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, you can either file a Direct Review, submit additional evidence, or request a Board hearing with a Veterans Law Judge. 

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