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The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the set of rules that govern the conduct of all military service members. Military service members are expected to strictly follow the UCMJ and the regulations promulgated under it by the Department of Defense (DoD).

As a result, violating the UCMJ and DoD regulations can mean major consequences, including:

  • Potential career-ending courts-martial
  • Imprisonment
  • Losing veterans benefits
  • Owing money to the government for years.

Because the stakes in a UCMJ charge are very high, you need to find an experienced military criminal defense attorney in Fort Leavenworth to represent you. Fortunately, we can help you at Owens & Kurz, LLC.

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Experienced Representation from a Former Military Attorney

Military service members have the benefit of obtaining free legal services from the local Staff Judge Advocate’s Office. So, why should you spend money on a civilian attorney? Availability of Judge Advocate General (JAG) officers is relatively limited when compared to civilian attorneys. Moreover, JAG officers are like other military service members: They are required to perform other military duties in addition to their responsibilities as a JAG officer. Conversely, a civilian attorney has the luxury of committing their schedule to match your needs.

At Owens & Kurz, LLC, we have committed years of our practice to representing military service members in Fort Leavenworth. Named-partner and founding member Attorney Joseph Owens is a decorated Army Veteran with over 2-decades of active duty experience, including 10 years serving as an Army JAG officer. Attorney Owens has received commendations such as the Combat Infantry Badge, Expert Infantry Badge, and the Bronze Star, among other accolades. we have the training and sophisticated understanding of the UCMJ and courts-martial procedure to effectively represent your interests against opposing Judge Advocates, some of whom have only 1-2 years of JAG experience.

At Owens & Kurz, LLC we assist clients with the following issues:

  • Courts-martial defense
  • Pretrial confinement
  • Article 15 non-judicial punishments (NJP)
  • Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB)
  • Physical Evaluation Boards (PEB)

Retain Our Distinguished Military Criminal Defense Attorney at Fort Leavenworth

Unfortunately, there is a stigma against soldiers who appear to deviate from the standards imposed by the military. This stigma can be the root of procedural injustices, leading to prejudice in military disciplinary and punitive actions. At Owens & Kurz, LLC, we are dedicated to advocating for your rights to ensure your due process rights are not sacrificed in the interests of military convenience and cohesion.

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    Ariel Segall

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    Jonathan, a Military Client

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    Greg S

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