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The Steps in the Military Court-Martial Process

Once accused of a crime, an individual serving in the Military will undergo a process that is dissimilar to the process a civilian would undergo. From pre-trial to final sentencing, you will be subjected to military laws and regulations. These differ from civilian laws due to the nature of military life. These Military laws not designed to protect you; understanding them and navigating successfully through each step requires the experience of a criminal defense attorney who specifically serves servicemen and servicewomen.

Once accused of a crime, you will be subjected to the appropriate type of military court-martial:

  • Summary court-martial: For minor incidents, this simplified court-martial process aims to quickly and efficiently solve cases. In a summary court-martial, you also have fewer rights through the proceedings. Remember, here the process can also result in rank reduction, confinement, and contribute to a subsequent discharge. You can have civilian counsel at this proceeding.
  • Special court-martial: A small court, usually involving a military judge and no less than three officers for the panel, can ultimately lead to punishments involving wage loss and confinement.
  • General court-martial: The most serious of the court-martials, a general court-martial is reserved for the most serious of crimes. During the trial, prosecution and defense present their cases before a panel of at least five fact-finders. These proceedings can sentence you to a Dishonorable Discharge, lifetime incarceration, and in some cases, death.

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